By Andrea Romano
May 23, 2019
Brazil Photo Press/Getty Images

If a trip to Disney World is on your itinerary this summer, there's a multi-park ticket you should know about.

The Summer One World Ticket offers a major discount if you want to visit all of Disney's parks in Orlando, and will be available to visitors this summer. The ticket, which costs $444, offers admittance to the resort’s four theme parks and two water parks.

The discounted ticket does not technically have a limit to the number of days you can use it. However, while you can use it on multiple parks in one day, you can’t use it to revisit a park. So, the ticket can last you two days, or it can last you six, depending on how you plan your time.

Divided over six parks, each park admission costs an average $74, making it a great value, Travel Weekly reported. Normally, one-day park admission to the theme parks are $109 and water parks are $69 — buying tickets individually will cost an average of $90 per park.

If you're looking for other deals and discounts on your Disney vacation, many resort hotels are running excellent discounts this summer.

The Summer One World Ticket must be purchased between June 4, 2019, and August 23, 2019.