Disney World's Splash Mountain Log Sinks During Ride in Video Shared on Twitter

All five guests onboard got off safely, and the ride is back up and running.

Guests wear masks, as required, to attend the official re-opening day of the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World while taking the big plunge on Splash Mountain at the park in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, on Saturday, July 11, 2020
Photo: Joe Burbank/Orlando Sentinel/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Guests on Magic Kingdom’s Splash Mountain usually expect to get wet on the log flume ride, but on August 2, a few passengers got more than they bargained for as their log took on water. Images and videos shared to Twitter show a log-shaped Splash Mountain ride vehicle submerged in water as riders stand outside of the boat. Twitter user @skyelaringrsoll shared a video of the ride vehicle she was in, filled with water, saying that the boat went under when the riders stepped out of it.

Another user, Karen Ramirez, tweeted:

It’s unclear how or why the log became submerged in the water. A spokesperson from Disney told Travel + Leisure that the incident occurred at the end of the ride and all five guests onboard got off safely. According to the My Disney Experience Walt Disney World app, which lists wait times for theme park rides (and provides other helpful tools), the ride is back up and running today.

After closing the theme parks in March amid the coronavirus pandemic, Disney World reopened Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom to the public on July 11, followed by Epcot and Hollywood Studios on July 15. The parks reopened with new health and safety measures in place, and Disney World has since updated its mask policy and postponed the reopening of select resort hotels.

Disneyland was planning to reopen its theme parks in July, too, but that date has been postponed until further notice.

In June, Disney announced plans to transform Splash Mountain, reworking the “Song of the South”-inspired attraction with a new theme based on the 2009 film “The Princess and the Frog.” According to a post shared on the Disney Parks Blog, Imagineers have been working on the project — which will change the attraction at Disneyland Park in California and Magic Kingdom in Florida — since last year, but the parks have not yet announced an opening date. The updated attraction will follow Princess Tiana and Louis on an adventure filled with beloved songs from the movie as they get ready for Mardi Gras.

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