The Surprising Souvenir Disney Fans Waited Hours to Buy

This special popcorn bucket sold out on the first day — here's what makes it so special.

The longest lines at Disney World this week weren't for the newest ride or to say hello to Mickey. People waited in line for hours for the chance to buy one very special souvenir — a Figment-shaped popcorn bucket filled with rainbow popcorn — and it sold out.

Walt Disney World's newest popcorn bucket at Magic Kingdom, Mickey shaped balloon inspired
Courtesy of Walt Disney World

The EPCOT International Festival of the Arts kicked off on Jan. 14. The yearly festival encompasses visual, performing, and culinary arts with booths packed with themed eats and drinks, arts-infused events, and more. But this year, the star of the show is a Figment Premium Popcorn Bucket filled with rainbow popcorn. That's right — eager guests waited in line for hours to purchase the $25 souvenir bucket (first launched on the Disney Parks TikTok account), and it sold out before some even had the chance to get their hands on one. For those unfamiliar with the Epcot icon, this little purple dragon at the heart of the "Journey into Imagination with Figment" dark ride is a beloved character, featured in Epcot merchandise throughout the year and at festival events.

Walt Disney World's newest popcorn bucket at Epcot, Figment
Courtesy of Walt Disney World

So what's the craze about? If you haven't visited a Disney park recently, you may not know just how collectible these limited-release popcorn buckets are. You can find popcorn buckets in different shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns throughout the theme parks. They range from classic bucket shapes with printed Disney designs featuring different characters, rides, and other imagery to multi-colored character-shaped pails that even light up.

Holidays, park events (like the 50th anniversary celebration currently happening at Disney World), and other occasions bring about the release of new, limited-time popcorn buckets that theme park lovers scoop up and keep around as a reminder of the "Most Magical Place on Earth" for years to come. (And with some priced under $20, they're a relatively reasonably priced Disney souvenir option.)

Walt Disney World's newest popcorn bucket, Star Wars Droid
Courtesy of Walt Disney World

Of course, these buckets aren't just for show — they come with popcorn, and once you purchase one, you can get inexpensive refills. So you can walk around, snack in hand, sporting your fandom for Mickey and pals, Star Wars, or yes, even our adorable Figment. Next time you're standing at a popcorn stand, maybe you'll think twice about passing on a refillable bucket.

Elizabeth Rhodes is an associate digital editor at Travel + Leisure who loves all things theme parks. Follow her adventures on Instagram @elizabetheverywhere.

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