All guests were uninjured and rescued — and the 'animals' were fine too.

By Andrea Romano
Updated February 28, 2020

Sometimes life just doesn’t go according to plan, even at Disney World.

Park officials confirmed to local news outlet WESH Orlando that, a boat in the Jungle Cruise attraction in Orlando, Florida, accidentally sank while several passengers were on board. 

“A boat took on some water. Everyone got out of the boat safely,” said a Disney spokesperson to WESH Orlando. The Reedy Creek Fire Department responded to the incident and the ride was reopened shortly after as riders got back to enjoying the park. 

Jungle Cruise ride
Credit: Don Kelsen/Getty Images

Luckily, the Jungle Cruise is a a pretty gentle voyage through a river that’s only five feet deep (sometimes less), so no one was harmed during the incident – they just got very, very wet. And while there are animatronic animals scattered along the river route, there is nothing that can actually harm you if you manage to fall into the water.

It’s unclear how the boat managed to take on water or how many passengers were affected. 

Nonetheless, passengers who were on the ill-fated boat still Tweeted their experience. Videos and photos show passengers standing in the water. Most seemed to find the humor in the whole experience.

One guest tweeted from the ride, “Our boat on the jungle cruise sank today. Fun times!” along with photos of people’s feet, partially submerged in the water. 

"The water in the boat was about a foot and half. Happened about noon. We went from floating to sunk in about a minute. Everyone was fine and we were rescued in about 20 minutes," he explained.

Other passengers also noted how calm and jovial the boat’s skipper managed to be, despite the problems. Frankly, we wouldn’t expect anything less – Disney World cast members (their term for all employees in the park) are expected to be cheerful and make sure guests are having fun. Apparently, even on a sinking boat. There are actually a lot of rules they have to follow.

Twitter users joked that this sinking might be a new “immersive experience,” tweeting, “People claim they want more immersive, realistic experiences, but then complain when their Jungle Cruise boats begin sinking. Like, that happens sometimes, k?”

Another mentioned that newcomers to the park would be thoroughly confused if this was their first Jungle Cruise, writing “Imagine being a casual tourist on a Jungle Cruise boat and it just straight up sinks and you don’t know if it’s part of the ride or not.” 

Looks like the ride, described on Disney's website as "a 10-minute, 10,000-mile journey that you won't soon forget," may be unforgettable for another reason thanks to this mishap.