The greatest new Star Wars attraction coming to a Disney park may be one you don’t need tickets to experience.

Disney Plans Star Wars Themed Resort
Credit: Courtesy of Disney

Prepare your podracers and pack your lightsabers, because Walt Disney World just announced it will be opening a completely immersive Star Wars-themed hotel.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, the new name for the Star Wars lands coming to Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort in 2019, is already set to be the most immersive theme park ever built, with park guests building a reputation based on how they perform within Galaxy’s Edge attractions. Pilot the Millennium Falcon well and you’ll be revered — crash it upon landing and we’re told a bounty hunter may even chase you down.

The new Star Wars Hotel, however, boosts that level of immersion. The luxury resort will not only be completely themed, but it will allow guests to partake in a “dedicated, multi-day adventure” within the property, complete with character interactions, captivating experiences, and costuming to fit in with the locals.

Disney Plans Star Wars Hotel
Credit: Courtesy of Disney

From the moment you “board the starship” — or enter the hotel — you’ll be placed within a Star Wars-like story, making hotel guests “active citizens” of the galaxy. Disney’s Star Wars Hotel will be so immersive that every window in the resort will even block the Floridian sun, instead letting guests look out upon a starry sky.

Details have yet to emerge on what exactly the adventures within the resort will be when it likely opens in 2019, but from the looks of it, the revolutionary vacation experience Walt Disney World has promised is sure to be out of this world.