By Melissa Locker
May 24, 2016
Shanghai Disney
Credit: Getty Images

In advance of Shanghai Disney opening the doors to its magic kingdom on June 16th, the Shanghai government has released an etiquette guide for visitors planning a trip to the park.

The guide was a joint release by the city’s civilization office and the tourism bureau, the South China Morning Post reported. The organizations decided it was necessary after several problems that came up during the park’s soft opening, including vandalism and littering. Visitors trashed the park during the May Day holiday, according to Shanghaiist. As expected, the civic organizations hoped to avoid a repeat when the park finally opens.

The new handbook encourages visitors to use trash cans, refrain from defacing lamp posts and other public facilities, mind the plants and trees, avoid lying down on the grass, encourages visitors to stand in a line without cutting in, and to overall “maintain decorum." While putting trash in cans should be manageable, maintaining decorum could be difficult once visitors catch sight of the Enchanted Storybook Castle and the Frozen Ever After ride.

The new handbook will hopefully curb poor behavior when the park opens—and perhaps even before. Over a million people have already visited the amusement park and resort, eager for a sneak peek before the park’s official opening. It’s understandably difficult for Disney fans to contain excitement after hearing about the world of new experiences that await at Shanghai Disney.