This New Disney+ Show Takes You Behind the Scenes of Your Favorite Attractions

New Disney+ show Behind the Attraction gives viewers a peek into the magic of their favorite theme park experiences.

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Take a peek behind the magic to see how your favorite Disney attractions are made in Behind the Attraction, a new series coming to Disney+ this month. In this series from executive producers Dwayne Johnson, Dany Garcia, and Brian Volk-Weiss, you'll see how Disney Imagineers worked to create iconic attractions like Jungle Cruise, Haunted Mansion, and Space Mountain, to name a few. And with behind-the-scenes secrets, intricate details often missed by guests, and inspiring and funny stories from the Imagineers themselves, this series is a must-watch for true Disney fans.

Beyond the fascinating history of fan-favorite Disney attractions, Behind the Attraction gives viewers unique insight into the Imagineers' process, covering everything from Walt Disney's inspiration and innovative ride technology to the international Disney parks and the process of tweaking beloved attractions.

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Travel + Leisure talked to Jeanette Lomboy, vice president and site portfolio executive at Walt Disney Imagineering, who's featured in several episodes of Behind the Attraction. Lomboy started as a Disneyland attractions operator in 1995 and has since held many roles at The Walt Disney Company, ranging from overseeing all Walt Disney Imagineering efforts at Disneyland Resort and Aulani, A Disney Resort and Spa, to working as the portfolio executive producer for the Disney Cruise Line. Behind the Attraction offers viewers a peek into Lomboy's involvement as an Imagineer and the experiences of all those who create Disney magic. "Imagineers are tasked to do the impossible things to create magic for our guests all over the world," Lomboy told us, noting that Imagineers combine so many disciplines, but their overall intent "is to create magic for everyone, everywhere."

The series focuses on a number of beloved Disney attractions, but Lomboy — whose favorite is Pirates of the Caribbean — pointed out that Imagineers are always looking to create that next generation of "classic" attractions that parkgoers will love for many years to come. Being an Imagineer is "incredibly special," according to Lomboy. She remembers the joy and magic she felt at Disneyland as a young girl, and says Imagineers are always working to create those magical moments for everyone: "We do it for our families, our friends, our children, our loved ones, and the guests that we don't know around the world."

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You can see how Lomboy and other Imagineers make magic at Disney parks around the world and watch the first five episodes of the new series on Disney+ starting on July 21, with more to come later this year. And don't worry, learning how these classic attractions were made won't ruin the magic; instead, you'll walk away with an even greater appreciation for all the incredible effort that goes into making each guest experience memorable.

Elizabeth Rhodes is an associate digital editor at Travel + Leisure who loves all things theme parks. Follow her adventures on Instagram @elizabetheverywhere.

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