Walt Disney World and Disneyland Parks in One Day
Credit: Courtesy fo Disney

The 10-year anniversary is the Disney anniversary, right? At least, it is for this couple, and they decided to celebrate in a major way.

For their 10th anniversary, Clark and Heather Ensminger of Kingsport, Tennessee, decided to go on the ultimate Disney vacation by traveling from Walt Disney World Resort in Florida to Disneyland in Anaheim, California in one day, reported ABC News.

Yes, apparently this can be done and you can still ride the rides.

According to ABC News, the Ensmingers visited all four parks at Disney World before jet setting to California to continue their magical trip. The couple managed to do this by taking a direct flight from Orlando to Los Angeles at 4:30 p.m., local time, on Wednesday, reported the Associated Press, which landed them in Disneyland for the nighttime festivities.

According to the New York Post, Clark planned the anniversary as a surprise for Heather, since the anniversary also marks one year since her father’s death. The secret surprise was just one small way Clark thought he could help ease his wife’s grief.

The couple called it their #EpicParkHop on Facebook.

Heather herself is a travel agent specializing in Disney vacations, and she documented the whole trip on her official travel agency page.

After this trip, we can confidently say she’s an expert in planning the best Disney vacation. More photos from the couple’s trip can be found on the Heather Esminger Travel Agent Facebook page.

Hopefully next time they just stay and enjoy one resort, or maybe Walt Disney World's upcoming luxury resort.