Fans should get excited about what’s coming.

Disney's Soarin' Around The Land ride at Epcot
Credit: Scot Thomas via / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

It’s true—one of Disney Parks’ most popular rides will completely change later this June. Soarin’ Over California, which has been a crowd favorite since it opened in 2001 at Disney California Adventure and 2005 at Epcot, will be no more. Instead, the hang glider simulation taking guests over the various terrain of The Golden State will now bring them to places across the planet’s varied continents in a brand-new film called Soarin’ Around The World.

Fans tend freak out when things like this happen—just Google how bummed die-hards were when Maelstrom shut down to make way for Anna and Elsa—but the new-and-improved Soarin’ is set to be so much better that it’s being met with excitement in lieu of nostalgic disappointment.

Why is that exactly? Because this improved experience sounds like it may be so incredible that it’ll fully trump the version guests have adored for years.

Here’s what you need to know before boarding the beloved glider next time you’re there:

You can travel around the world without leaving the parks

The new video, called Soarin’ Around The World, will be coming to both Florida and California, so no park guest will miss out. The film will be released at Epcot and Disney’s California Adventure on June 17th, the day after it debuts at Shanghai Disneyland, which is less than two months away.

Disney will have you out of Soarin’s notorious line even quicker

Epcot is nearly done building its third theater for the beloved attraction, which will house even more guests and cut down on those endless wait times. Want to see the new flick on your summer trip to Walt Disney World? Plan ahead to book a Fastpass, which is now available for resort guests booking 60 days out, and soon for park visitors booking 30 days out. If you have no idea what the gibberish in that sentence meant, get a head start learning about the ins and outs of mastering your Orlando vacation right here.

It will be an upgrade in nearly every way

The technology used to make Soarin’ Around The World means Disney guests will get even closer to some of the world’s wildest wonders. Camera equipment was dangled below a helicopter as it flew between rock formations and across varied terrain, and the Great Wall of China was even filmed from the nose of an incredibly low-flying helicopter. Not only has Soarin’ Around The World been shot with cameras that are at least 15 years newer than the ones from the original film, but the rooms themselves have upgraded their screens and projection systems. New scents, too, are expected to make the places guests will experience that much more thrilling.

Trading San Francisco for Sydney will be worth it, even for die-hard fans

While the beloved four minutes of Soarin’ Over California took guests over scented orange groves and even Disneyland at Christmastime, this new iteration will take viewers on a worldwide journey, all without unbuckling their safety seatbelts. Guests’ feet will dangle above the Sydney Opera House, across Colorado’s Monument Valley, and even visit landmarks on each continent. Sure, bidding adieu to that golf ball shot will be tough—it scares even repeat visitors! —but the new video should bring fans closer to majestic sights than they possibly could by visiting them. (Now that’s a reason to brave a 180-minute line.)