The Ultimate Disney Packing List for the Whole Family

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Disney Park Survival Kit
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Whether it's a day trip to Disneyland or a week-long adventure at Disney World, hands down, you're going to need a survival kit. We're not talking some dinky sack full of bulky water bottles, miscellaneous snacks, and, like, maybe a tube of Chapstick — no. We're talking the ultimate Disney packing list that'll keep your Disney vacation from turning into an overly expensive, strenuous, sweat-fest of a nightmare — and you can find it all below. You're welcome.

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Plus, we've come up with a list of items you shouldn't pack, too. (Because we care. Your happiness at the Happiest Place on Earth is not something we take lightly.) Scroll through for what to bring to a Disney park and what to leave behind.

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Bring With You: A Backpack or Fanny Pack

Disney Park Survival Kit
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When it comes to choosing the right bag, go for something lightweight that will still hold all of your essentials. Keep in mind that you'll most likely be bringing this bag with you on rides, so small and portable is the way to go. An uncomplicated backpack or even a fanny pack that you can sling over your shoulder are great options.

To buy: Mini backpack,; $50. Belt bag,; $25.

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Bring With You: Sun Protection

Disney Park Survival Kit
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Sorry to serve you the cold, hard truth, but there's a high chance you'll get a sunburn from all that waiting in line and, you know, generally being outside. If you take anything away from reading this article, let it be to never skimp out on sun protection. A hat can go a long way. And as far as sunscreen goes, we're big fans of Supergoop!'s solid sunscreen stick for its convenient, travel-friendly design.

To buy: Sunglasses,; $60. Sunscreen,; $25. Baseball hat,; $30.

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Bring With You: Comfy Walking Shoes

Disney Park Survival Kit
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Yeah, sandals are cute and all, but have you ever stood in line for Space Mountain only to realize 20 minutes in that your questionable shoe choice comes with blister-inducing straps and absolutely no arch support whatsoever, so now you're forced to endure oncoming plantar fasciitis and superficial scarring when you could be happily running around the Happiest Place on Earth in a pair of cushy sneakers instead? No? Just us?

To buy: Sneakers,; $70.

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Bring With You: Disney Ears

Disney Park Survival Kit
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Of course, you can always buy your ears at the park, but here's a pro tip: Etsy has a treasure trove of super creative (and often more affordable) ears for you to stock up on. Whether it's a or just a sparkly set that'll stand out in a crowd, we're sure you'll be able to find your perfect Disney ears there.

To buy: Minnie Mouse ears,; $10.

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Bring With You: A Portable Phone Charger

Disney Park Survival Kit
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You could get a power boost at the many cell phone charging stations scattered throughout the parks — that is, as long as you have the time and patience to. Beat the crowds and combat a low cell phone battery by carrying around a little portable power bank instead. You could even go next level and get yourself one of those handy-dandy cell phone charger cases that has a battery pack built in.

To buy: Charging phone case,; $40. Portable power bank,; $32.

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Bring With You: Hand Sanitizer

Disney Park Survival Kit
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Sorry, but think about the number of people gripping onto those ride railings, and then think of all the snacks you'll want to consume. Clean hands are a must.

To buy: Travel-sized hand sanitizer,; $12 for eight bottles.

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Bring With You: Disney Autograph Book and Pin Sash

Disney Park Survival Kit
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For the kids (or your inner child), don't forget to bring a little notebook to collect Disney character autographs and a sash or lanyard for Disney pin trading.

To buy: Autograph books,; $28 for four books and pens. Disney lanyard,; $5.

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Bring With You: Rain Ponchos

Disney Park Survival Kit
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In crowded areas like a Disney park, umbrellas are just too bulky and cumbersome. Instead, beat the rain with ponchos. (Bonus pro tip: Get a family pack of ponchos from Amazon, since the Mickey Mouse-emblazoned ones for sale at the parks tend to be overpriced. Save money where you can.)

To buy: Rain ponchos,; $14.

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Leave Behind: First Aid Kit

Disney Park Survival Kit
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Don't worry about bringing along your own first aid kit — there are Disney First Aid stations scattered throughout the parks where a team of nurses can help you with basic medical care — whether it be with bandages for minor cuts and scrapes, treatment for pesky bug bites, or even ice for sprained ankles. These First Aid stations also offer a full variety of over-the-counter medications at no cost to you, so you don't have to come fully loaded with Tylenol, Tums, Imodium, etc. (But of course, don't forget to pack any prescription medications you take, including EpiPens and inhalers.)

To buy: First aid kit,; $9

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Leave Behind: Selfie Sticks and Large Tripod Stands

Disney Park Survival Kit
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They're banned from the parks. Sorry. (Although folding tripods and monopods that are small enough to fit inside a backpack, like this one, are permitted.)

To buy: Selfie stick and tripod stand,; $22 (originally $30)

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Leave Behind: Glass Water Bottles

Disney Park Survival Kit
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Speaking of restricted items, glass containers (excluding baby food jars) are banned from entering Disney parks. But if you're still wanting to pack a reusable water bottle, then we recommend a stainless steel bottle that you could refill for free at any of the drinking water fountains and quick-service restaurants. S'Well makes a great insulated bottle that'll keep your drink chilled even in the hot sun.

To buy: Glass water bottle,; $78

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