Disney Fans Are Recreating Famous Theme Park Rides at Home — and It's Amazing

With the theme parks closed, Disney fans are DIY-ing their own versions of beloved rides and attractions.

Walt Disney World's Pirates of the Caribbean Ride
Photo: David Roark/Disney

Missing the Disney parks while they’re closed? You’re not the only one. Earlier this month, Disney made the decision to close Disneyland and Walt Disney World amid growing concerns around the worldwide COVID-19 outbreak. Since then, fans across the globe have come up with creative ways to bring the parks home — and for some, that means recreating some of the most iconic rides.

While you can still virtually experience the rides through Youtube videos featuring nearly every Disney attraction, some fans are going a step further to create an immersive theme park experience at home — and the results range from adorable and hilarious to downright impressive. With people posing as animatronics, makeshift ride vehicles, and household decorations used as props, these “rides” are sure to make Disney fans laugh.

This week, videos of fans recreating the Disney experience at home popped up on Youtube and TikTok. Youtuber Jenny Lorenzo and her husband, David Gallegos, created the Homemade Haunted Mansion, featuring a DIY pre-show elevator room, Doom Buggy ride vehicles, and the iconic ride music.

Another Youtube video titled Yo Ho Yo Ho A Quarantine’s Life for Me recreates the Pirates of the Caribbean ride (complete with a Captain Jack Sparrow impression), while a TikTok depicts Space Mountain, Jungle Cruise, and others. Twitter user Jess Siswik opted to make her own version of Soarin’ Over California from Disney’s California Adventure with her computer and desk chair, creating the best way to take a break while working from home.

For more fan-made Disney content, you can check out the hashtags #HomemadeDisney, #DisneyatHome, and #DisneyMagicIndoors on Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter. Whether you’re a dedicated Disney fan or a casual park visitor, it’s nice to see so many people embrace the Disney magic from the comfort and safety of their homes during these stressful times.

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