You can fill this Disney advent calendar with the treats or charms of your choice.

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Disney Advent Calendars
Credit: Courtesy of Disney

The countdown to Christmas gets a lot merrier with the addition of an advent calendar full of surprise gifts. This year, calendar options have gotten significantly more fun and creative, from prosecco and whiskey advent calendars to Pringles- and Harry Potter sock-filled options.

Disney however, is entering the ring with a very different offering: a $20, completely empty advent calendar.

The World of Disney Advent Calendar Gift Drawers is an admittedly adorable cardstock pyramid featuring 25 miniature cubby drawers, each meant to hold a calendar gift of your choice. The concept is nothing new: empty advent calendars are widely available across the Internet and in stores, calling to any parent, friend or loved one with the necessary craft savvy and gift-giving stamina to fill each of the 25 open spots with a unique, personalized gift. However, Disney’s offering is the only one to include “metallic foil snowflakes and stardust,” which we can only assume were conjured by Elsa and Tinker Bell themselves.

Are calendar users meant to sprinkle the snowflakes and dust into each drawer to add an extra (messy) surprise to each day’s gift? Is some kind of glittery substance actually included, or is Disney merely referring to the snowflake decorations seen on the calendar itself? No explanation is offered, but we can guarantee that if “stardust” is, in fact, offered, you’ll be vacuuming glitter out of the carpet well into January.

Still, the calendar features many of Disney’s most classic characters, from Mickey and Minnie to Winnie the Pooh, Bambi and Jiminy Cricket, making it the perfect starting place for Christmas-loving Disney fans.

Wondering how to feel each of the drawers with an appropriately magical gift? We have a few ideas of tiny gifts that *might* be able to fit in those tiny drawers.