Pixar Pier opens at Disneyland California Adventure
Credit: Courtesy of Disney

Shaped like a cardboard kid’s meal box, it would be tough to miss Disney California Adventure’s Poultry Palace kiosk even if you tried.

The fast-food eatery, based on the “Toy Story Toons: Small Fry” short film, sells corn on the cob and turkey legs at the theme park’s new Pixar Pier, but it’s the chicken drumsticks that will have you rushing towards the comical purple-and-yellow window. The spice-rubbed trio will set you back $10, but the themed take-out box shaped like the building they’re served in is, quite literally, priceless.

Visually striking and cartoonish in the most delightful of ways, Pixar Pier’s impossibly cute food carrier also happens to be extremely accurate. The ample snack is served in nearly identical packaging as in the short film, making Poultry Palace as close as West Coast Pixar fans can get to dining within one of the studio’s movies.

Unlike character popcorn buckets, the Poultry Palace to-go box is a keepsake straight from the screen that just happens to come complimentary. It’s not the only themed item served in Disney California Adventure’s brand new character-packed land — spicy hot dogs “heated” by Inside Out’s Anger come wrapped in tinfoil sporting his face and Jack-Jack’s Cookie Num-Nums are sold in honor of the unpredictable baby’s subduing sweet in “Incredibles 2” — but it’s the one fans are likely to keep long after their visit.

Hungry for more Pixar-themed eats? Disneyland has transformed one of its eateries into Alien Pizza Planet for the summer, which will sell character-shaped macarons and kooky cheeseburger pizza slices through September 3, and Disney California Adventure just opened Lamplight Lounge, a permanent restaurant dedicated to the studio’s award-winning films.

With bathroom and capacity signs themed to characters from “The Incredibles” and “Monsters, Inc.” and framed t-shirts taken quite literally off the backs of animators — they were donated from in-house artists — it’s a tasty homage to the creatives behind each movie.

Stay for sharable bites like gussied-up potato skins or full dinner (they serve ratatouille, of course) and don’t miss the drink menu, filled with fizzy and colorful sips, which doubles as a sketchbook featuring doodles from the best. No matter which beverage you order, you’re in for a treat, because the coasters each have sketches from the animators of “Bao,” “Up,” “Toy Story” and more — making for yet another can’t-miss complimentary souvenir.