By Andrea Romano
July 12, 2018
film still from Coco by Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures
Credit: Pixar Animation Studios/Walt Disney Pictures via Alamy Stock Photo

A new “Coco”-themed attraction came to life at Epcot at Walt Disney World over the July 4th holiday, Orlando Weekly reported. An interactive, Mirror de los Muertos video screen exhibit known as “Remember Me! La Celebración Del Dia de Muertos” at the Mexico pavilion now allows guests to design their own Dia de Muertos skeletons.

Disney first announced the “Coco”-themed exhibit last September, but this part of the exhibit was just activated.

Guests can pick their own hairstyles, eyeglasses, eye colors, skull designs, and other features to totally customize their skeleton’s look. Then, via a screen capture technology, guests can make the skeletons move around the screen using their own body movements, essentially “becoming” the skeletons themselves. Kind of like a Wii avatar.

They can even save their skeletons via the Disney PhotoPass, which is linked to a guest’s MagicBand.

Beyond the screens at the pavilion, guests may be able see their skeleton avatars on a Coco-themed ride in the near future, if a ride were also to come to the pavilion. According to Orlando Weekly, there are rumors that the Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros boat ride may be replaced with a “Coco” ride.