By Andrea Romano
October 01, 2018
Credit: Courtesy of Disney

It’s no secret that you can find tons of tasty and boozy treats in Disney Springs, but the latest icy dessert from Paddlefish Restaurant at the Walt Disney World Resort really takes the cake (or, ice cream, rather).

The Walt Disney Resort announced on Wednesday that the restaurant will now be serving boozy push-pops (you know, kind of like the Flintstones-themed ones you got as a kid, but for adults) from Buzz Pop Cocktails, according to People.

Of course, these alcoholic ice pops are have more adult flavors and packaging than the ones you remember. They come in eight flavors — including mango passionfruit, lemon drop martini, and blueberry pomegranate — all made with fresh fruit and rum.

The CEO for Buzz Pop Cocktails told People that White Russian and grasshopper sorbet flavors will be available this winter. So, any time is a good time for ice cream.

Boozy treats are becoming pretty easy to come by at Disney, especially since the park started allowing alcohol to be served in sit-down restaurants in the Magic Kingdom.