I’m not an experienced cruiser, but when I heard there was a ship that has Iron Man’s armor, Thor’s hammer, and Captain America’s shield, I knew my kids would be the perfect passengers.

With twin 4-year-old boys in the house, superhero talk starts at 6:30 a.m. and ends at bedtime. Disney’s relaunched Disney Magic has a new Marvels Avengers Academy program to give the short-cape set a sneak peek into the Avengers’ world.

The first day is dedicated to training: kids are transported to a SHIELD base, where they can virtually suit up in Iron Man’s outfit, blast targets, and go on a flight test during a video screen display—it’s pretty high-tech stuff. After a surprise visit from a super hero, they’re ready for day two: The Mission. This, of course, involves fighting an evil villain and saving the Disney Magic from destruction. This may not be my idea of a dream vacation, but there’s a lot on the ship that appeals to adults, too: a Senses spa, excellent restaurants, plenty of cocktails, kids-free areas on the top deck, and new itineraries, from Italy and Spain to the Caribbean and Alaska.

Clara Sedlak is a mother of two and Special Projects Editor at Travel + Leisure. Follow her on Twitter at @csedlak1.

Photo courtesy of Disney Cruise Line