12 Once-in-a-lifetime Dining Experiences Around the World, According to Travel + Leisure's A-List Advisors

12 A-List travel advisors share the meals that made them swoon.

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Dining is one of the best parts of visiting a new place. A one-of-a-kind meal can be the most memorable experience when traveling. Our A-List, Travel + Leisure's group of the world's top travel advisors, exclusively shared their favorite dining moments around the globe.

Get out your notepad to mark down the these not-to-miss restaurants for when we can all travel freely again.

Sapi Concession — Zimbabwe

"One of the best meals I have had on safari was a delectable chicken dish with dried peaches, mango, and pineapple. The whole meal was prepared under the main ground standing barbecue and none of the diners were aware of it until the last minute when the steel cover was removed, exposing the tender chicken below. This was all produced by the master chefs of Great Plains Conservation in Zimbabwe." — Chris Liebenberg, Piper and Heath

La Cible — France

"I recently spent four days on Ile de Ré, a small island off France's Atlantic Coast. Bicycles are the preferred mode of transportation, and daily activities include a combination of beach, market, and restaurant (on repeat). Lazy days are spent sipping rosé and snacking on the largest, plumpest, and most inexpensive oysters you've ever encountered. Don't miss dinner at La Cible." — Barkley Hickox, The Local Foreigner

Halifax — Denmark

"The food is amazing in Copenhagen and almost everything is farm-to-table — it's just how they live. Don't miss Halifax for the best burgers in the city paired with one of their own organic beers." — Sandy Schadler, Travel Link

Le Lampadaire — Republic of the Congo

"I discovered a great new dining destination in the Republic of the Congo — Le Lampadaire — a true local street food market where the chicken is mouth-wateringly juicy, served fresh off the grill, and is meant to be enjoyed sitting on plastic chairs and eaten with your hands. The lively atmosphere of locals, loud music, and ample supply of prized treats such as kasava, plantains, and chilled beer, gives every visitor a glimpse into the local lifestyle of Brazzaville." — Cherri Briggs, Explore Inc.

Danish chef Rene Redzepi, co-owner of the restaurant Noma in Copenhagen, Denmark, poses for a photograph

Rhenia Culinary Adventure — Greece

"When in Mykonos, skip the Michelin restaurants for a day to try the truly unforgettable and out-of-the-box culinary experience on Rhenia. A team of professional chefs takes you by boat from Mykonos to the famous UNESCO protected Rhenia island to create an unforgettable and authentic Greek feast — all with your help. The menu includes Cycladic salad (with dado, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, fresh basil, xinotyro, caper leaves, and olive oil,) Sea urchins caught right in front of you, mussels cooked with white wine, and fish or lobster grilled right on the beach." — Mina Agnos, Travel Live

Armeni Restaurant — Greece

"If you're looking for an off-the-beaten track, authentic experience, Armeni Restaurant in the quaint Greek village of the same name is a hidden find. It's only accessible by boat from Santorini. The local taverna serves freshly caught fish each day. The graviera cheese with tomato jam, taramosalata spread, and eggplant salad are the best I ever had." — Jody Bear, Bear and Bear Travel

Helena Adentro — Colombia

"A unique find in the coffee region of Colombia, Helena Adentro is an artistic and flavorful spin on locally sourced ingredients that will have you wishing you had more space in your stomach. Set in the charming town of Filandia, Helena Adentro is a tangible expression of art, taste, and love for Colombia. The ambiance of the restaurant beautifully reflects the colorful and energetic Colombian culture, while the menu showcases the myriad of fresh ingredients abundantly found there. The amount of care and detail that has gone into the food is evident in the exquisite presentation of the dishes, and the staff's attentiveness only adds to the experience." — Marc Beale, Amakuna Travel

Cirqa — Peru

"Arequipa has always been a favorite destination for me as it is a little bit less visited than the tourist big hitters like Cusco and Machu Picchu in Peru. It has a huge amount to offer the visitor in terms of history, architecture, Andean vistas and, as is true in many places in Peru, endless dining options. Some of the best food is still to be found in the local picanterías but there are now a host of fine dining restaurants on the scene as well, including the restaurant at the new Cirqa hotel. Its menu is already making a name for itself, surrounded by an organic garden and 360-degree views of the city." — Thomas Robinson, Dehouche Travel

Colonial houses in an empty alley of the Yanahuara neighborhood in Arequipa (Peru)
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Hacienda Zuleta — Ecuador

"When compared to its neighbor Peru, Ecuador has never been considered a dining destination. However, I've more recently had some of the best meals of my life at Hacienda Zuleta in the Andes mountains of Ecuador. The chefs are mixing traditional home-style Ecuadorian cuisine with a modern twist in an exciting (and mouthwatering) way." — Jordan Harvey, Knowmad Adventures

Chá Gorreana — Portugal

"A little-known fact is that the only tea plantations in all of Europe are in the Azores. As much tea as Europeans drink, it's funny to think the mainland doesn't even produce it — only the Azores. In Ribeira Grande on São Miguel, you can visit the old-school producer, Chá Gorreana to experience the best tea in all of Europe." — Kimberly Wetty, Valerie Wilson Travel

Teppan Tanaka — Japan

"I recently discovered the best restaurant in the quaint merchant village of Takayama, a former provincial capital nestled in the Japanese Alps. Teppan Tanaka is run by a husband and wife in the agricultural section of town. It's a small place, private, and quiet, with excellent teppanyaki that includes amazing veggies, fish, and A5 Hida beef. The chef, Tanaka-san, and his wife are so lovely. They only accept 2 parties a night." — Scott Gilman, Japan Quest

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