Looking for a stylish, eco-responsible way to tote your newest tech accessory? When Dewdrop Design's Gillian Stevens received an iPad as a gift, her next project was clear: to create chic cases to hold everyone's favorite new device. As if her existing line of recycled leather, hand-made notebooks, passport covers, and travel wallets wasn't dreamy enough, she's just introduced a collection of great-looking iPad sleeves that exude the same nature-inspired, bold-hued, and effortlessly cool look.

The fall collection is inspired by her travels—from the colors of Santa Fe's rock formations and glowing horizon, to the sunset and seascape at The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel. Her relationship with the Ritz-Carlton is set to expand—she is designing an exclusive line of leather travel books for the hotel group. (They will be available in hotel shops and in their catalog in 2011.)

My suggestion? Download Travel + Leisure on your iPad (available next month) and slip it into a travel-inspired, environmentally friendly Dewdrop case. My favorites are the hand-stamped fish print (top) and the cheeky ombre-green faux snakeskin (right).

Sarah Storms is an assistant editor at Travel + Leisure