Destinations Where Your Dollar Will Go Really, Really Far in 2019

Perhaps your resolution this year was to get out and travel more.

But here we are, a few months into 2019, and you have yet to book a trip. It’s not because you’ve lost the motivation. It’s just that your wallet doesn’t seem to agree. Do not despair. We have all been there.

While your travel budget might not have room for the grand tour around Asia or Australia you were dreaming of, 2019 could be the year that you discover and fall in love with a new and unexpected destination.

Travel search engine Hipmunk helped us compile a list of international destinations where you can stretch your dollar further this year. There may be new airline routes opening up, making flights cheaper, or a local currency where the exchange rate is predicted to decrease.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing beach getaway, cultural urban exploration, or trek through uncharted nature, these 10 international destinations are great considerations when you want to travel far away from home without having to dip too far into your savings.


Torre del Reloj Publico (Public Clock Tower), UNESCO World Heritage Site, Cartagena, Colombia
Michael Runkel/Getty Images

Colombia, particularly the coastal city of Cartagena, is becoming a rediscovered and more affordable travel destination for Americans. The median price of booking a trip in 2019 from the U.S. is only about $550, according to Hipmunk.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica, Guanacaste Province, Arenal Lake at the bottom of Arenal Volcano
Franck Chaput/ Images

Live la Pura Vida in Costa Rica, from the surf-perfect beaches to the lush rainforests to the bustling city of San Jose. While some more touristy hotels may come at a price premium, visit the country’s free national parks and reserves (more than 25 percent its total territory) to experience the best of its nature.


Cityscape of Budapest, Hungary
Nick Ledger/Getty Images

The exchange rate between the U.S. dollar and the Hungarian forint is predicted to decrease six percent this year, making 2019 an even more affordable year for American visitors. Many know the country for its colorful capital of Budapest, but if you’re visiting, consider tacking on a getaway to the lesser-discovered resort towns of Lake Balaton.


Man soaking in an indoor hot spring pool, Honshu, Japan
Getty Images

Although Japan is not a destination known for its affordability, 2019 could give Americans a better exchange rate, making it a more realistic destination for budgeters. The exchange rate is predicted to decrease around 4.3 percent this year.


Restaurant in San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Demetrio Carrasco/Getty Images

There is far, far more to Argentina than the capital city of Buenos Aires. And this year, your pesos will get you even further around the country, from Iguazu Falls to the glaciers of Ushuaia.


The aluminium paneled Soumaya Musuem stands in Plaza Carso in the Polanco district of Mexico City
John Coletti/Getty Images

It seems like something new is popping up in Mexico every day. Wander the streets of Mexico City, eat all the mole you can handle in Oaxaca, explore the new beaches and resorts in Cabo, or trek through the Mayan ruins of the Yucatan. It might not even break the bank to do it all.


Playing soccer at sunset on Ipanema beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Cultura RM Exclusive/JAG IMAGES/Getty Images

The largest country in South America has no shortage of diverse experiences. Explore everywhere from the beaches of Rio to the rivers of the Amazon. Hipmunk says the median price of booking a trip to Brazil this year is only $920.


The town of Skargard Bjorholmen, Bohuslan, Sweden
Torbjorn Skogedal/Getty Images

Those who have visited Sweden before may have experienced sticker shock — even just in the grocery store. But the value of the Krona compared to the U.S. dollar is predicted to fall up to 13.9 percent this year.

South Africa

Vineyards in South Africa's Cape Winelands region
Hougaard Malan Photography/Getty Images

South Africa is growing as an international and cosmopolitan destination. Cape Town has the largest contemporary art museum in Africa, and some of the best safaris. The median trip booking price for 2019 is about $1,400, according to Hipmunk.


Castle Square and Royal Castle at sunset, Warsaw, Poland
Slow Images/Getty Images

Poland can often be overlooked in favor of other more glittering European destinations, but Warsaw is truly becoming one of the continent’s most up-and-coming capitals. It’s got parties, castles, and a seriously underrated food scene — and it’s all quite affordable.

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