By Alison Fox
November 21, 2019

Planning a wedding means picking a memorable venue, but one couple took it above and beyond — literally.

When a couple from Australia and New Zealand decided to tie the knot, they did so at 37,000 feet in the air on a flight between their two countries, saying their “I do’s” when the plane reached the halfway point, CNN reported.

khoa vu/Getty Images

Bride Cathy Valliant, from New Zealand, boarded the Jetstar Flight 201 from Sydney to Auckland in her wedding dress and veil, holding her bouquet as she checked in to the flight in a video posted by the airline. Her groom, David Valliant, from Australia, waved as he made his way up the stairs to the cabin.

The ceremony — which the airline dubbed “a very Jetstar wedding” — was officiated by a Jetstar ground crew member. The couple said their vows in front of the other passengers on board mid-flight “in order to bridge the gap,” between their two countries, Jetstar ground crew member and marriage celebrant Robyn said in the video.

“It’s a realization that I’ve found someone who likes the same things as I do,” Cathy said excitedly before the couple boarded.

David added that when he first told his friends and family the plan, they “thought it was something original to do” and were excited.

“We both love aviation,” he said. “The bond is there.”

When David and Cathy were finally pronounced husband and wife, the cabin cheered and the couple sealed the moment with a sky-high kiss before walking down the aisle of the plane and eventually taking a seat in the cockpit for a little post-wedding photo op.

The idea started because the couple originally met online in 2011 while playing a computer game called "Airport City," choosing the Sydney airport for the location of their first-ever in-person meeting two years later, CNN reported. David even planned to propose on a flight from Brisbane to Melbourne but got too nervous to do it.

The couple were legally married at the Sydney Airport before takeoff.

A representative for Jetstar told CNN that when the couple asked for the unique wedding venue, the airline agreed and sent an email to all other customers booked on the flight “saying there was going to be filming." They did not, however, spoil the wedding surprise.