Complete with a wedding dress wetsuit.

Underwater Wedding Hotel Metropole Monte Carlo
Credit: Greg Lecoeur

Weddings can be so much better, down where it’s wetter.

If you love sea creatures, scuba diving, or just the movie "The Little Mermaid," one hotel has your dream wedding all planned out.

The Hotel Metropole in Monte-Carlo is reintroducing their underwater wedding package, which is like a guided scuba diving excursion that also involves tuxedo wetsuits.

Underwater Wedding Hotel Metropole Monte Carlo
Credit: Greg Lecoeur

The bride and groom are guided by Pierre Frolla, a quadruple world champion of free diving, down a watery aisle. As the groom awaits his bride at the bottom, the bride floats down to greet them. No walk down the aisle will ever be as graceful.

Wedding guests can watch the ceremony from the sea bed with their own wetsuits and diving gear. The groom gets to wear a tuxedo-like wetsuit (with top hat and tails), but the bride’s attire is even more special: a white neoprene wetsuit and voile skirt with a rose for her hair.

After the watery wedding, both the couple and guests can enjoy cocktails and lunch on the beach.

The hotel also offers a proposal package, where you can propose to your beloved underwater and then enjoy champagne and canapés on the beach afterward.

Of course, everyone gets a video of the ceremony to commemorate the day.

These packages are only offered to guests staying at the hotel, which begins around $390 per night. Luckily, the packages are pretty customizable depending on the size of your party, beginning at around $1,400 USD for the proposal, and ranging to just over $8,200 USD for a ceremony.

But you can’t beat the best day of your life, especially when it’s under the sea. For more information on Hotel Metropole’s packages, visit the hotel’s website.