It's not the scenic backdrop that stands out in photos from this Iceland destination wedding.
Man Gets Married in Tee Shirt
Credit: Gerard Puigmal/Getty Images

There may be no destination in the world that offers a more beautiful natural setting for a wedding than Iceland. But in one couple's photo from their big day, one thing stands out – and it's not the stunning greenery.

It's the groom's t-shirt, which he customized with a special note: “This wedding suit courtesy of Delta Airlines [sic].”

As you may have guessed by now, Delta Air Lines lost the unidentified man's luggage – including his wedding suit – on the way to his wedding, according to a friend who posted the photo on Reddit with the caption: “If you want to wind up in the same country as your wedding outfits, don't fly Delta Airlines [sic].”

The couple was on their way from Washington, D.C. to Iceland to tie the knot when their flight was delayed, causing them to miss a connection in New York City, according to Reddit user Zebidee, who identifies as a friend of the bride.

“They were re-routed via Paris and Berlin, but despite constant contact with Delta Airlines [sic] to make sure their luggage wound up in the right place, the airline washed their hands of the situation,” the friend wrote. “They finally tracked down their luggage themselves, abandoned on a baggage carousel in Frankfurt 1,500 miles away. Delta is currently telling them to take the issue up with the last carrier, Air Berlin, who never even touched their luggage.”

While many offered words of sympathy for the couple, others pointed out that this is an important reminder for anyone having a destination wedding: avoid putting your wedding day outfit in your checked baggage.

Having your luggage lost is not as common as you might think – fewer than six bags per 1,000 passengers were lost in 2016 – but the risk is always there, even on airlines like Delta, which invested $50 million on a high-tech RFID tag baggage-tracking system just last year.

“For big events like this, it's a good idea to bring your outfits with you as carry on,” one Redditor wrote.

“Most flight attendants will even let you hang it in the coat closet in business class if you ask nicely when you're in coach because they're decent human beings and know it's your special day,” another added, while someone who had a destination wedding of their own said crew members not only hung their clothes for them, but upgraded them to first class.

Others suggested always flying Icelandair from Washington D.C. to Reykjavik for direct flights at affordable prices. And one benefit of that option is, you could make Iceland a stopover, say your vows, and spend up to seven days, then continue on to your honeymoon all for one price. Just this week, round-trip Icelandair flights from Washington, D.C., to Paris were on sale for $350, including the free optional Reykjavik stopover.