Talk about making a splash on your wedding day.

By Melanie Lieberman
March 08, 2017

Back in November, one couple took the typical destination beach wedding and transformed it into something kind of spectacular. Instead of getting married at the edge of the ocean, they got married in it—wedding gown and all.

As reported by the Huffington Post, a wedding planner told bride Susana Zamos a ceremony in the middle of the ocean was “too complicated.” And Zamos almost conceded to getting “married on the beach like everyone else.”

But Sol Tamargo, a photographer based in the Riviera Maya, said she had to go forward with her mermaid dream wedding. "My first thought when I heard Susana's idea was: Universe, please allow this to happen!"

And so Zamos and her groom, Jovany Garzon, moved the wedding from a beach in Cozumel, Mexico, to the nearby El Cielo sandbar.

With a team of eight, Del Sol Photography used videographers, photographers, drones, and two underwater cameras to capture the wedding. More than 100 guests joined Zamos and Garzon in the waist-deep, tropical waters—some brought by boat, while others swam part of the way.

"I was surprised to see such a big group of people willing to do such a crazy thing: jumping into the water and in some cases swimming to the ceremony location to show their support for Susan and Jovany," Tamargo told Travel + Leisure. "There [was] even a baby in an inflatable ring!"

“My job is not just about taking pictures,” Tamargo added. “We're guides; we create amazing experiences, and we document them.”

In addition to a surfboard altar, this wedding fit for a mermaid bride had a “trash the dress” photo shoot in a Mexican cenote, and a custom-made shell crown.

“I underestimated the difficulty of swimming in a wedding dress,” Zamos said of her trash the dress shoot. Even as an experienced diver and swimmer, she “couldn’t believe the change” she felt while wearing a long, flowing Pronovias gown, jeweled crown, and a veil underwater.

For Tamargo, capturing this wild wedding—despite its many technical and logistical challenges, including strong winds—was “priceless.”

"The location was anti-photography friendly, anti-drone friendly," Tamargo added. "But we love a challenge."

Of course, Zamos and Garzon aren’t the first couple to insist on getting wet during their wedding. At Seven Mile Beach in the Grand Cayman, lovebirds can say “I do” during an Aqua Vows Ceremony (certified scuba-diving minister required), while Bora Bora has its own underwater wedding chapel.