With the invention of the iPod and the digitalization of music, listening to the radio seems to be almost prehistoric. Whenever I start a sentence with the phrase, “I heard on the radio today…” my friends are at first confused, then immediately flabbergasted that I would partake in such a seemingly unhip activity (I guess it’s my nostalgic nature, or the fact that I’m too lazy to play DJ all the time).

But radio has been making a comeback, especially when Pandora Radio was launched in 2005, introducing the masses to the digital (i.e. cool) version of its dashboard predecessor. And now, with the iPhone spurring on the creation of a plethora of apps, radio is back.

Case in point? Emirates Airline recently launched their free Destination Radio app, available for both iPhone and iPod Touch, that enables passengers to listen to music from 97 live stations across 6 continents. Wonder what people in Africa are listening to? Spin the little globe to your continent of choice and just press play. It’s like tuning in to another part of the world from the comfort of your home.

Emirates is also offering a limited time offer to celebrate the launch of their app: travelers who download the Destination Radio app by October 2011 will have the chance to win two round-trip tickets to any of Emirates’ 113 cities around the world. For more information, click here.

Kirsten Stamn is an ASME intern at Travel + Leisure.