If you could pack for a vacation without using a suitcase—and thus avoid a $50 roundtrip airline surcharge—wouldn't you want to know about it? Of course you would. So why is Delta's inflight magazine, Delta Sky, refusing to accept this ad from SeV/ScotteVest?

You remember SeV. It's the company that makes travel clothing with so many hidey-holes, flaps, and extra-deep pockets that you could pack all your belongings without having to check a bag—and still have room to bring back some cheesy souvenirs. The company even sent a travel writer around the world for six weeks without any luggage other than his SeV clothing. I wrote about one of their amazing jackets earlier this year. But they recently were notified by Delta Sky that their new ad (headlined "The Most Stylish Way to Beat the System") was unacceptable. You can read the incident chronology here.

So what do you think? Should Delta turn down the ad? Or should the magazine accept the ad to encourage people to avoid unnecessary surcharges? Check out founder Scott Jordan's response below.

Smart Traveler Mark Orwoll is the International Editor of Travel + Leisure.