It looks and sounds like a futuristic fantasy from the pages of Jules Verne: an underwater "plane" that can dive 1,500 feet, reach speeds of up to eight knots, and barrel-roll with the grace of a dolphin. The future is now, and you can be one of the first to sample "sea flight" on the Deep Flight Aviator. Enroll in Hawkes Ocean Technologies' three-day Sub Sea Flight School in Nassau, the Bahamas, and for a cool $15,000 per person, you'll get six hours of instruction, four dives, and four nights of accommodations. The 22-foot-longsubmersible craft was invented by engineer Graham Hawkes, current record holder for the world's deepest solo dive, at 3,000 feet. (Hawkes also created the subs used in Barry Levinson's 1998 film Sphere.) The personal sub-craft may eventually be for sale to the tune of $1 million, but until then, Hawkes holds the only ticket to diving 20,000 leagues under the sea. 415/256-9273;