The classic David Yurman cable bracelet puts a modern spin on an ancient motif.

bracelet, David Yurman, Stylish Icon
Credit: Charles Masters

During the Iron Age, twisted ropes of metal, or torques, were worn as status symbols throughout Europe. More than 2,000 years later, New York City jeweler David Yurman updated the ancient design—as a cabled silver cuff. “It’s actually a helix,” Yurman says. “The pattern is in our DNA, in nautilus shells, and you can see it swirling in the galaxies, too.” Formerly a sculptor, Yurman created his first trademark bracelet in 1983 with his wife and business partner, Sybil, a painter. The couple looked to the curves and textures of nature—from the rolling hills and sand dunes of Cape Cod to the undulating coastline of Big Sur—which they turned into a swirl that became the label’s signature look. Made mostly of sterling silver or gold, the bracelets are often open-ended, with Romanesque finials and semiprecious stones in infinite variations. The line has grown to include snail-like hoop earrings and pavé diamond pendants—all with that special Yurman twist.