Who doesn’t know Cynthia Rowley?! If you don’t have one of her flirty dresses, then you may have sunglasses that bear her name or you may be eating off of one of her dinner plates. And don’t forget her fragrance and recent collaboration with Avon to create a line of cosmetics.

Coming in 2011 Cynthia will join the likes of Kate Spade, Richard Tyler, and Christian LaCroix among others who have given airlines a bit of a fashion tune up. United Airlines has asked Cynthia to design uniforms for all service employees; everyone from pilots, flight attendants, and customer service representatives, to ramp service and maintenance employees. “We have chosen Cynthia for her keen sense of style and her commitment to involve employees throughout the design process” says United Airlines.

Right now she is talking with employees in every sector of the company before she embarks on creating a functional and fashionable set of uniforms. “I feel very fortunate to be the one United has chosen for a project of this magnitude, “says Rowley.

So you may see your friendly flight attendants looking very exuberant and hip in a Cynthia Rowley uniform come 2011. Let’s hope that the uniforms will lead to happier travel for those who wear and those who see.

Mimi Lombardo is the fashion director at Travel + Leisure.