On my way home from a recent trip to Taiwan, I found myself with a little bit of time to kill before boarding my plane at Taipei’s Taoyuan Airport. Knowing I had more than 14 hours to sit in a cramped airplane seat ahead of me, I did some exploring.

While the pre-stamped letter vending machine I discovered was cool and reminded me of the World’s Strangest Vending Machines slideshow we published a few weeks back, nothing beat the overwhelmingly cuteness I happened upon at the Hello Kitty-themed gate (FYI, it’s gate C3 in Terminal II). In addition to a Hello Kitty playground for the kids, there wasalso a duty-free gift shop (where I bought Hello Kitty branded matchatea cookies), and seats made out of a rainbow and Hello Kitty faces. Daww.

Lyndsey Matthews is an online editorial intern at Travel + Leisure.