By Melanie Lieberman
September 09, 2014

This month, nervous flyers and homesick cat and dog owners can tune into British Airways’ new, adorable, Paws & Relax channel.

The stream of cat and dog footage (think camera-collar documentaries and animated shorts) is perfect for entertaining young travelers, and for soothing anxious passengers during their fight.

Of course, who hasn't spent hours at their computer streaming cute cats and cuddly pups on YouTube?

The Paws & Relax programming was inspired by research from leading psychologysts across the world, who claim watching perky puppies and fluffy kittens can actually ease the nerves.

"It might sound barking [mad]," said Richard D’Cruze, the in-flight entertainment manager at British Airways, "but...watching pets can enhance overall well-being."

With the popular television series The Secret Life of Cats and America's Cutest Dog, as well as exclusive content featuring adoptable pets (Alfie the pug; Sky the husky; kittens Karma, Knight, and Karis) you’re sure to be bowled-over by cuteness.

Melanie Lieberman is the Editorial Projects Assistant and a member of the Trip Doctor News Team. You can follow her on twitter at @LittleWordBites.

Photo courtesy of British Airways