Cancel any upcoming flight you have. Renege on that pending cruise you booked. Thinking about taking a scenic train ride? Well stop. Why? Because I have found a new mode of transportation that is sure to blow you out of the water and change the face of travel as the world knows it. What is it you ask? Cupcakes.

Yes, you read that right. Cupcakes.

With the ability to cruise at a cool seven miles per hour, this confectionary creation is best suited for a “staycation,” unless you have an exorbitant amount of vacation days to burn through. And the patience of a saint. Oh, and no one/nothing to take with you.

These kitschy cars—which appropriately debuted at the most recent Burning Man Festival—were created by Lisa Pongrace, a Bay Area artist. They’re built out of sheet metal, wire, fabric, wood, and—according to Neiman Marcus, which features the culinary contraption in their 2009 Christmas Book—mad genius. (I was hoping for frosting to be thrown in the mix, but do at least get to customize the inedible toppings.) Each runs on a 24-volt electric motor and a heavy-duty battery. (Good for the environment!) Did I mention that they also come with a candy-themed hat that you can wear even when you’re not driving?

Still think it’s too out there for you to drive? Well let me assure you, there have been far crazier inventions in the world of transportation, like the bike/camper. (Is it bad that I think this is kind of awesome in a weird way?) And imagine being the poor dog who may have had to ride around in this!

Have I convinced you to pick up a Cupcake Car yet? Good. Hit up Neiman Marcus, fork over $25,000, and enjoy your new sweet ride.

Joshua Pramis is an online associate editor for Travel + Leisure.