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Is there any food more magical than pasta?

National Pasta Day is on Oct. 17, so Airbnb has some special experiences for carb lovers to enjoy all over the world to celebrate.

That delicious, versatile food has been around for hundreds of years and pretty much everyone has a favorite kind, whether it’s linguine, penne, or those adorable little bow ties (also known as farfalle.) According to the International Pasta Organization (yes, this exists), pasta may have even been discovered by Marco Polo on a trip to China way back in the 13th Century.

Some of the best, most comforting dishes in the world are made with it: spaghetti and meatballs, lasagna, cacio e pepe, carbonara, and, of course, classic American macaroni and cheese. Honestly, where would we be without it?

Because they're such a phenomenal food, Airbnb naturally had to create some special pasta-centric experiences just in time for National Pasta Day. Not that any of us need an excuse to have great pasta.

These experiences are mainly in the United States, but travelers and locals in Rome, Italy can also get in on the fun. For the most part, these experiences are not only good opportunities to eat some delicious dishes, but also learn about the history and different methods making pasta. Trust us, after you’ve made your own noodles at home, you’ll never go out and buy the dry stuff again.

Airbnb Experiences - Pasta Making
Credit: Airbnb

Take a look at some of these one-of-a-kind experiences that are sure to get your mouth watering.

The Pasta Factory Cooking Class — Rome, Italy

This four-hour cooking class in one of the best pasta-making cities in the world is hosted in English and will teach you “the secrets of making homemade pasta” from a historical pasta factory. Prices begin at $108 per person and will host up to 10 people.

Pasta Making Basics Class — Chattanooga, Tennessee

This intimate class is perfect for couples who want to cook together. It only accepts up to two people per session and will teach you and your companion not only how to make pasta noodles, but also your choice of sauce (Arrabbiata, Limone e Burro or Alio, Olio, e Peperoncino). Prices begin at $42 per person.

Italian Home Cooking Class & Dinner — New York, New York

This one-time class will host up to three people and will let you experience how to make good Italian food in a real Italian home. Learn the basics of making homemade pasta (including Gnocchi, Tortino Salato, and the rice dish Risotto), as well as homemade sauces. There is also an option for a set of four classes if you really want to go in-depth. Prices begin at $95 per person.

Hands-on Pasta Class — Santa Monica & Los Angeles, California

If you’re better learning in a group, this pasta making class allows for up to 10 people (at least two per booking, so sadly you can’t take this solo) and teaches you how to properly mix, roll, and cut different types of pasta, as well as drying and cooking techniques. Prices begin at $125 per person.

Pasta Cooking Class with a Local Chef — Chicago, Illinois

Who doesn’t want to learn how to cook like a real chef? This class is for up to eight people and is hosted by a finalist on "Masterchef" Season 5 and contestant on Food Network's "Cooks vs. Cons" Season 2. He’ll show you how to make tasty pasta from scratch as well as two types of sauce. Plus, it’s BYOB. Prices begin at $47 per person.