Crystal Crusies' Serenity
Credit: Courtesy of Crystal Cruises

Crystal Cruises, a perennial World’s Best winner, is going where no luxury cruise has gone before: the Northwest Passage. Starting in 2016, the Crystal Serenity (voted best cruise for families) will journey the Arctic wilderness from Anchorage, Alaska to New York City.

The journey, 900 miles for a total of 32 days, provides an array of adventurous experiences with full luxury trimmings. Crystal is working out the details but “arctic safaris” will be a key feature: by kayak, ATV, and even helicopter. Travelers can also try hiking, fishing, camping and golfing (yes, golf) at the world’s northernmost nine-hole course. The itinerary is flexible, to accommodate activities such as viewing polar bears or whale watching, as conditions change.

Crystal Cruises is no newcomer to adventurous cruise options, it is also offering a Game of Thrones-themed excursion to Belfast, Northern Ireland. According to Crystal president Edie Rodriguez, “The voyage combines intrepid adventure, the great outdoors, and immersive cultural experiences with Six-Star service.”

The expedition team consists of experts in all manner of arctic exploration, and will provide seminars and workshops and accompany excursions. Voluntourism opportunities, to help wildlife and local communities at ports-of-call, will also be available.

Crystal Adventures will open for pre-reservation 18 months in advance of the cruise. The initial booking window is now open for guests who have sailed with Crystal before, and will open for the general public on September 2.

For more information, visit Crystal Cruises website.

Megan Soll is Travel + Leisure's digital intern.

By Megan and Megan Soll