By Gabrielle Blitz
November 18, 2013

Our most recent T+L Twitter Chat covered the best new voyages, destinations, amenities, and themes for cruise travel.

We started out our chat by asking our panel of cruise experts what voyages they were most excited for.

The Cruise Guy's Stewart Chiron, is “most excited to cruise on @RoyalCaribbean['s] brand new #QuantumoftheSeas. Definite #gamechanger.” Cruise Critic is ready for new voyages from “@WindstarCruises [with] Asia and Arabia itineraries.” Rich Beattie wishes he could go back on a past excursion he took, sailing the Amazon with Abercrombie & Kent.

For favorite activities for a day spent at sea, T+L Associate Editor, Kathryn O’Shea-Evans’ itinerary reads: “Eat. Massage. Eat. Eat”—in that order.

T+L Director of Editorial Product Development, Peter Frank loves to “burn calories in the gym, then get a massage in the spa (booked way in advance, of course).” Avid Cruiser's Ralph Grizzle's day could vary: “popcorn and a movie. Hit the gym; spa treatment. Rarely sunbathe. Read. Wander. Go rudderless. Nothing at all. Indulge.”

Expert Cruiser's Anita Dunham-Potter, was mid-cruise while participating in our chat! She said: “Seriously, just doing nothing, reading a book, meeting new people. Doing now on @Silversea #SilverWhisper.”

For the most over-the-top cruise amenities, T+L Cruise Editor, Jane Wooldridge, said “We had a butler on a Europe Oceania cruise and now my husband has the idea that I’m going to pack his bag for him. NOT happening!”

For advice on how to plan, you can’t go wrong with T+L A-List Agent, Mary Ann Ramsey’s tip: “think ahead. I am already booking 2016 cruise experiences.”

To finish off the chat, we asked our expert panelists to describe cruise travel in three words. Liz Sutton of Sutton & Associates tweeted: “All-Inclusive Experience”—which sounds like a great plan to us!

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Gabrielle Blitz is the Associate Social Media Editor at Travel + Leisure.