Guy Billout Ask the Expert
| Credit: Guy Billout

Nutritionist Dr. Oz Garcia

Q: What’s your advice for eating well and staying healthy on a cruise ship?

A: Although on a cruise ship you are exposed to many people in close quarters for an extended time, my advice wouldn’t be that different from what I would recommend to anyone who’s traveling—on a ship or not. First, eat yogurt with probiotics, such as DanActive, to strengthen your immune system. Also consider taking acidophilus supplements. Pomegranate extract is also filled with antioxidants—even on dry land. If you choose to drink alcohol, avoid hard liquor—stick to red wine. Finally, enjoy the food in moderation and take advantage of the larger fitness facilities found on ships these days to maintain your exercise routine, or to try something new.

Dr. Garcia is a nutritionist and author of The Balance and Look and Feel Fabulous Forever. He hosts Wellness and Balance sailings, offered through Regent Seven Seas’ Circles of Interest program.