By Katrina Brown Hunt
September 26, 2012

Somebody in Australia may be getting the last laugh over airlines' lofty checked baggage fees.

After a recent Qantas Airways flight from Brisbane to Melbourne, cargo handlers got a wacky surprise while unloading the plane: a live crocodile had gotten loose amongst the baggage.

Sounds like a fabulous Samsonite commercial, doesn’t it? Croc jumps on bags, rifles through passengers’ belongings, snacks on undeclared vegemite stashed in luggage.

While the croc was “was quickly and safely secured,” according to the airline, no one is sure yet whether the loose croc was the fault of the cargo loaders, its human patron—or was just a testament to the toothy reptile's craftiness.

For the record, Qantas’ site says that reptiles, lizards and snakes are allowed to travel in cargo, though "the locking mechanism on the door of the container and any hinges must be secure and strong enough to prevent any possibility of escape." Oops.