It would seem to be a classic man-bites-dog story of the travel world: Crocodile jumps innocent Swedish tourist who’s taking a dip in a lagoon, but no one is hurt.

Watch the video, taken at Australia’s Litchfield National Park. (Unlike a certain viral eagle video, this one would seem to be quite real.) While the reports indicated that the croc was merely relaxing on a rock and perhaps wanted to refresh himself in the cool water, he does seem to make a rather intentional beeline toward the swimmers, and reportedly slapped said Swede in the face. Was he perhaps annoyed that, yet again, tourists were filming him while sunbathing?

“The pair were so unfazed they carried on swimming in the lagoon,” one report says of the laughing tourists. (If this were a movie, we all know what would have happened next: Momma Crocodile would have come looking for junior, and then ordered Swedish meatballs for dinner.) Either way, it’s a nice reminder to keep a safe distance from the local wildlife.