Satiate your appetite for la dolce vita with these tastes of Italy you can get in the U.S.

By Kara Mayer Robinson
Updated: March 09, 2017
Frank Bienewald/Getty Images

Your next trip may be months away, but there's no reason you can't experience your own Italia right now. Luckily, a smattering of Italian specialties recently landed on American soil.

Summon artisanal foods to your doorstep.

Gourmet subscription service Try The World specializes in pantry staples from around the globe. Sample different countries every month or have its new Italy Box delivered anytime.

The curated collection of Italian-made goodies has a bit of everything you'd pick up at your alimentari: balsamic vinegar, egg pappardelle, coffee, pesto sauce, mushroom risotto, truffle zest and classic amaretti—all small-batch and locally sourced.

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Immerse yourself in cinema Italiano.

Sample cutting-edge fare from young Italian filmmakers at art house theaters or film festivals. San Diego's Cinema Little Italy screens an Italian film every month. Yale University's Annual Festival of New Italian Cinema and South Beach's Cinema Italy Miami feature a full lineup, to transport you for days on end.

Of course, you can stream classics on the small screen anytime—like Cinema Paradiso on Netflix or La Strada on Amazon. Or tune into SundanceTV and get hooked on Gomorrah, an epic crime drama set in Naples that's wildly addictive and one of Italy's most watched television shows ever.

Slip into a delectable pair of Italian-made shoes.

Why wait? Score your next pair right here, right now, from Italian designers who now cater to U.S. customers.

Swing by Santoni's Madison Avenue boutique in New York and slide your foot into an impeccably constructed crocodile-skin ankle boot. Select a new patent-leather ombre heel from M. Gemi's new collection online. It's handcrafted in Campania but ready to ship to the US. Head over to Summit by White Mountain's site and experience some of Italy's finest (and trendiest) leather shoes—no two pairs are the same—made by local Italian artisans, ready to be delivered directly to your door. 

Complete your ensemble with an Italian-made piece from the new Golden Fleece Collection at Brooks Brothers. Or pick up a pair of Positano or Capri sunglasses at Illesteva, now in Miami, Los Angeles, New York, and Boston.

Visit masterworks on loan from Italy.

A handful of Italian masterpieces are on American ground. See them before they partire.

Step into New York's Center for Italian Modern Art for a peek at metaphysical masterworks from Giorgio de Chirico (through June 2017). Or visit the Frick Collection to see Repentant Magdalene, a large canvas by 17th-century artist Guido Cagnacci (through February 19).

In Boston, view Italian Renaissance sculptures from Luca della Robbia (through December 4) at the Museum of Fine Arts, several of which have never before touched down in the U.S.

Indulge in la passeggiata.

Take an evening stroll con amici. You'll need: comfortable shoes (see #3, above) and a small scoop of gelato from one of these expanding gelaterias.

European sensation Amorino has an abundance of delicious flavors, from Nocciola Tonda e Gentile (Piedmont hazelnuts, ti amo) to Caffè Altura Luz Supremo (you'll flash back to afternoons at the counter of the neighborhood bar).

In pursuit of the richest, darkest chocolate? Try Turin-based Grom, which just opened in New York's Westfield World Trade Center and dishes up a decadent Cioccolato.