Sometimes bad girl rocker Courtney Love recently posted a video to TwitVid documenting six minutes on New Year's Eve in her hotel room at NYC's Standard.

The video is noteworthy because Ms. Love is calmly applying makeup and blandly rehearsing a Replacements cover song with a guitarist for her performance that evening in the hotel's Boom Boom Room. No one takes drugs (although a hotel employee comes in to see if anyone needs anything from the pharmacy! That never happens when I stay in hotels...). No one shrieks or weeps. Nothing is thrown from the window. Even when Ms. Love reports that some fans knocked on the door looking for her and the hotel employee asks if she'd like to talk to security, she demurs, "No. They were children."

Also noteworthy: the traffic moving down Ninth Avenue visible out the window ("Look up!" you want to shout to the drivers, "You can see a rock star in her slip!"), the freestanding bathtub wedged in the not particularly spacious room, and how normal the allegedly unstable Ms. Love appears.

Ann Shields is an online senior editor at Travel + Leisure.