I am like a kid in a candy store when I surf around the pages of Tour d’Afrique’s website. The eight-year-old cycling tour company has four epic trips—Tour d’Afrique, Orient Express, Silk Route, and Vuelta Sudamericana—of which you can do all or part; 26 shorter tours; and a DreamTour program in which you create your ideal, no-limits, perfect journey, and if enough people join the “Count Me In” list for your tour, TdA will add it to their roster, work out the details, and let you go on it for free.

The potential for adventure on these pages makes me want to drop everything and indulge in the singularity of purpose—to pedal and take in the world.

These circuits are definitely for cyclists of a certain level. TdA recommends that you have the ability to pedal more that 62 miles (100 km) a day consistently (ooh, I better work on that), and that you train in advance for your trip (that could be fun!).

If you think you might be a contender, but still have questions, you can ask TdA to put you in touch with a former rider whom you may ask about his or her experience. Come to think of it, if you’ve been on a TdA trip or a similar type of epic ride, please post a comment about it here.

Laura Teusink is Travel + Leisure’s associate managing editor.