Coolest Movie Theaters in Los Angeles
Credit: Courtesy iPic

Movie-going in Los Angeles isn't just a's practically a religion. The city is a magnet not just for film lovers but also those hoping to live out their own Hollywood dreams. With all of the actors, writers, directors, producers, set designers, and other movie professionals in town, that's a whole lot of faces clamoring to feast their eyes on the silver screen. No wonder LA has abundant cinemas! In an effort to woo the cinephile crowds, many movie theaters here go well beyond the standard blockbuster fare, junky concession foods, and cramped seating. At some choice cinemas, you'll find an elevated movie-going experience, including ultra-comfortable seating, expanded leg room, and in-theater food and cocktail service. Others have a more basic setting but entice film aficionados with screenings of hard-to-find indie fare, classics spanning the history of cinema, and social gatherings. Grab some popcorn and enjoy these singular shows!

ArcLight Cinemas

The ArcLight chainlet of theaters is revered by film buffs, and the Hollywood location, which includes the historic Cinerama dome, is its crown jewel. Assigned stadium seating, state-of-the-art sound and screen technology, and the no-commercials policy guarantee an uninterrupted viewing experience. 21+ screenings allow you to sip cocktails during the flick!

Vista Theatre

Opened in 1923, this historic single-screen theater has retained its elegant Spanish Revival facade and ornate Egyptian-inspired interior. While it originally contained 838 seats, an overhaul removed every other row, reducing that number to 400−which means the legroom is astounding! Enjoy popcorn doused with real butter while watching first-rate, first-run films.

iPic Theater

This posh cinema is perhaps the closest you'll come to watching new releases in your own living room. The plush chairs fully recline, and blankets and pillows are provided! Order seasonal bites from flatbread pizzas to sliders, along with beer, wine, and craft cocktails, to enjoy right at your seat.

Nuart Theatre

Attention cinephiles: this historic theater dating back to the early 1940s is a true art house, featuring indie films, foreign flicks, documentaries, and classics, plus Q&As with notable directors. Don't miss the Friday midnight screenings of cult revivals or the ongoing Saturday midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Cinefamily at Silent Movie Theater

This art-house film organization makes movie-going more like a fun social club. In addition to screening offbeat genre films and rare gems at the historic Silent Movie Theater (no longer silent, except for first Wednesdays), Cinefamily organizes special guests, live music, dance parties, and potlucks to coincide with the movies.