Hello, hello! I'm at a place called Vertigo! I stumbled on these outtakes the other day from a shoot we did at the Park Hyatt in Shanghai. Gorgeous shots. Our man in China, Andrew Rowat, had this to say about his shots taken from the observation deck at the top:

China being China means that everywhere you go people have cameras. Go up 100 stories? Multiply that constant one-hundredfold.

The Mori Building (aka the Shanghai World Financial Center), which houses the Park Hyatt is the tallest building in Shanghai...for the moment. Just across the street you have the diminutive 88-story Jin Mao building (above) which houses the Grand Hyatt.

The designers of the building decided to plunk an observatory (above) as the cherry on top, mirroring what they did with their Roppongi Hills project in Tokyo, and what countless other building architects have employed. From your perch a quarter mile above Shanghai you can see (when the pollution isn’t obscuring everything) well across the river (Huangpu River) and have a front-row seat to the world’s scariest job: window washer.

Whitney Lawson is a photo editor at Travel + Leisure.