I'm loving the photo bags and organizers from Kata lately. The founders of this company, who met while serving in the Israeli army, started making photo bags in 1992. Now they have a full line of photo and video gear that is light and ultra-protective.

My favorite is the Pro-Light FlyBy 74, which is a generous camera bag that doubles as a roll-aboard suitcase. It has veritcal and horizontal handles, and a tripod holding option on the front. The inside is the best part: super modular, the interior panels are bright yellow, making it much easier to find your photo gear than it would be in a black-lined case.

I could see putting a camera, some lenses, and a weekends' worth of clothes and necessities all in the bag and making it a single camera bag for a weekend trip. Maybe I'll use that as my excuse to get on a plane this weekend?

Whitney Lawson is the deputy photo editor at Travel + Leisure.