I finally pitched my Droid2 for an iPhone recently and am still floored by how good the camera on it is. But now that I've figured out Instagram, I'm excited to see there's a bunch of new iPhoneography apps out there to play with. Here are some of my favorites:

Want to add text to your photos? With Piction you can easily add captions in a variety of different fonts, seen above, including a few custom ones alongside classics like Futura (so you can make all Instagram photos look like screen grabs from a Wes Anderson movie, if you're so inclined).

Vine is like Instagram but for small gif-like looping videos. I'm still figuring out how to use this (confession: my entire feed is just videos of my cat, so far), but it has a lot of potential to share something more compelling than just snapshots. Be warned, the most recent update includes a requirement that users must be 17+ due to some, ahem, questionable content cropping up on the app.

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Krop Circle—free (pictured above)
Bored of square photos? The free version of this app lets you crop your images into circles, but for $0.99 you get dozens of more shapes including hearts, lightening bolts, and even a few different animals.

1 Second Everyday—$0.99
1 Second Everyday sounds exactly like it is: shoot one second of video for each day of your life and then compile videos for each month, year, or any custom length of time and see your life unfold in front of you. This takes a little more commitment but the result is awesome.

Snapseed—free (also available on Android)
While Snapseed has been around for a little while, Google’s photo editing app is my favorite for tweaking iPhone images beyond the basic crop/red-eye removal functions (without paying $4.99 for the iPhoto app).

Lyndsey Matthews is an assistant digital editor at Travel + Leisure