While it’s true that U.S. airlines have been cutting schedules inrecent months, certain routes have seen an uptick in service, which oftenresults in better fares. Here’s a look at the U.S. routes with thegreatest increases and biggest decreases in departures during the pastyear.

Top five routes with increased departures*

New York JFK–Charlotte: up 57.3%

New York JFK–Washington Reagan: up 40.6%

New York JFK–Washingon Dulles: up 22.7%

Denver–San Francisco: up 22.5% Minneapolis Seattle: up 20.6%

Top five routes with decreased departures

Washingon Dulles–Houston: down 65.4%

New York La Guardia–Cincinnati: down 46.5%

New York La Guardia–Charlotte: down 42.7%

Cleveland–Washington Dulles: down 39.9%

Detroit–Cleveland: down 38.6%

*Figures reflect the average percentage change in departures from March 2008to February 2009 among routes with more than 20 weekly departing flights in thecontinental U.S. Source: O.A.G.