By Stacey Leasca
September 01, 2020

Travel is changing but that doesn’t mean you need to forgo adventure forever. Check out a few of the fantastic activities you can take part in while visiting San Diego, California. This way, you can have a happy and healthy vacation well spent. 

USS Midway

Naval Base San Diego is the principal homeport of the Pacific Fleet. When you come to town, odds are you’ll see a sailor or two. To pay homage to them, take some time to visit the USS Midway, the longest-serving aircraft carrier of the 20th century, which now acts as a museum.  

Built-in just 17 months, the vessel missed World War II by one week when commissioned on September 10, 1945. In 1992 the Midway was decommissioned and remained in storage until it was donated to the San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum. It opened as the USS Midway Museum in June 2004 and became a place where navy veterans share their stories, and we can learn about naval history. 

Admission: $26 adults/ $12 kids

Everyday California Kayaking Tours 

Just up the road in La Jolla, the fine folks at Everyday California will happily take you on an ocean adventure. The company specializes in guided kayak tours of the La Jolla Ecological reserve and offers surfboard, paddleboard, kayak, and snorkel rentals. It will even help you get up close and personal with a few sharks. Don’t worry. They (probably) won’t bite. Be ready for a heart-pumping tour and get ready to learn more about the ocean than you could ever imagine in this 90-minute tour. 

Tour cost: Sea Kayak Tour $69.00

San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo and all of its animals are waiting to welcome you to town. To get the most of your zoo experience, try booking one of its exclusive Inside Look tours. The tours allow up to six people to buy out a golf cart and a guide who will show you around every important corner of the zoo. The ride comes with plenty of animal lessons and facts, allows you to get up-close to a few animals, and will help you see more of the zoo than you’d ever be able to see on foot. Check out all the tour options here

Inside Look tour price: $522 and up

Murals of La Jolla 

Beyond all the fantastic animal adventures, San Diego also has a well-known and thriving art scene. And one of the best ways to see that is by taking a free walk to see the Murals of La Jolla. In 2010 the La Jolla community foundation commissioned public art projects on private property throughout the town. The vibrant murals sit in both obvious and more hidden locations so make sure to take your time trying to find them all. Visitors can now hunt them all down using the free map provided on

Tour price: Free

San Diego Beaches 

You can’t come to San Diego without visiting one of its 31 beaches. Each one is unique, offering visitors the chance to explore, surf, play volleyball, or just sit and sunbathe for as long as you’d like. The city comes with more than 70 miles of beachfront, so before you go, check out San Diego’s complete beach guide to pick the one that’s right for you. 

Admission: Free, though parking may come with a fee