Paris Bed Bugs
Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Parisians are blaming American tourists for a bed bug invasion that has taken over both sides of the Seine.

According to Le Parisien, Paris is in the middle of an “explosive” bed bug outbreak at the moment. Hotels, residents, and newspapers have been pointing to tourists bringing the bugs across the Atlantic.

A hotel on Paris’s left bank told the French newspaper that every time they have a bed bug problem, the pests are “brought each time by American tourists.”

The newspaper also noted that bedbugs are a regular fixture at Disneyland Paris — a spot popular with Americans.

Although no one can tell for sure where the bed bugs are coming from, there is no doubt that they have infiltrated Paris. RIVP, the second-largest property management group in the city, said that every day another Parisian is forced to throw out their mattress due to bed bugs. About 20 percent of the properties they manage in Paris have been infested by bed bugs.

Travelers who are nervous about catching bed bugs should be sure to check mattresses (specifically around the seams) and sheets in hotels before laying down.

To be absolutely sure that bed bugs are not lurking, try blasting a mattress with the heat from a hair dryer. If there are any bed bugs occupying the mattress, the hot air will force them to crawl out — and then you should leave, too.