Thanks, but no thanks, Your Majesty.

Queen birthday card
Credit: Tim Graham/Getty Images

Some people are just hard to impress.

Robert Weighton, Britain’s oldest man, turned down his annual annual birthday card from the Queen of England on his 109th birthday on Wednesday.

“I'd already received one every year and since it's the age of austerity I thought I would save the country a little bit on postage and printing," Weighton told ITV Meridian. "I don't want a whole row of them, there's no point in that."

His first birthday greeting from the queen came when he turned 100. But then afterwards, he decided not to opt in to any more cards, because the Queen “looked a bit miserable while on official duties,” he told Telegraph.

He said that he did not want all the cards from the Queen to pile up and clutter his home. However, Weighton did accept a card two years ago on which the Queen appeared smiling.

In an incredible twist of fate, Weighton shares his birthday with the U.K.’s other oldest man, Alfred Smith of Scotland. They both celebrated their 109th birthdays on Wednesday. However Weighton is more than glad to exchange birthday cards with Smith.

“I saw a story about him and saw we were both the same age and shared the title of oldest man, so I sent a letter to him,” Weighton said. “We send each other cards now on our birthday."

Maybe once the Queen becomes a centenarian (in another 10 years), Weighton will accept her cards once more.