Empire State Building
Credit: Getty Images

Arriving in a new city is exciting — and overwhelming. With so much to do and see it can be hard to know where to start, what not to miss, and what can be skipped. New York City’s Empire State Building is working to solve this by offering travelers personalized recommendations for exploring the city’s five boroughs. To meet this need, they’ve partnered with NYC & Company, the city’s official destination marketing organization, to create an interactive experience that helps travelers pare down the thousands of tourist sites, restaurants, and activities to create a perfect NYC experience.

The new exhibit, titled “NYC: Above and Beyond,” will be on the building’s 80th floor starting in the fall of 2019. The exhibit asks travelers about their interests and length of stay before providing a list of recommendations. From there, users can select their favorites and have the list emailed or automatically transferred to their phones.

“When the Empire State Building researched for the top to bottom redevelopment of its visitor experience, there was a clear call for assistance with itineraries and desire for an all-knowing resource,” said Anthony E. Malkin, chairman and CEO of Empire State Realty Trust, in a statement. “We are honored to partner with NYC & Company on this brand-new venture to improve the visitor experience to New York City at the World’s Most Famous Building.”

The iconic building, which welcomes over 4 million visitors each year, was completed in 1931 and was the world’s tallest building for nearly four decades.

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