Real estate site Estately rounded up the most oddly-named towns in the United States.

By Real SimpleSarah Yang and Sarah Yang / Real Simple
September 19, 2016
Crazy Town Names in America
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Can you imagine telling someone you’re from Catfish Paradise, Arizona? Or Friesland, Wisconsin? Well, for some people that’s a reality because these towns actually exist. Real estate site Estately looked at "dozens of maps" to compile a list of towns across America (they pulled at least five from each state) with some unusual names.

Most of these places aren’t large cities, but are unincorporated areas, villages, or small communities. Some are even abandoned ghost towns, including Nothing, Arizona; Old Roach, Colorado; Knockemstiff, Ohio; and Idiotville, Oregon. Check out the map below, courtesy of Estately:

Yes, These Crazy Town Names Are Actually Real
Credit: Courtesy of Estately

Take a look at one unique town name from each state and head to Estately for the full list.

  • Alabama: Burnt Corn
  • Alaska: Clam Gulch
  • Arizona: Catfish Paradise
  • Arkansas: Goobertown
  • California: Zzyzx
  • Colorado: Hygiene
  • Connecticut: Terramuggus
  • Delaware: Airport Villa
  • Florida: Yeehaw Junction
  • Georgia: Hopeulikit
  • Hawaii: Cod Fish Village
  • Idaho: Good Grief
  • Illinois: Embarrass
  • Indiana: Toad Hop
  • Iowa: What Cheer
  • Kansas: Red Onion
  • Kentucky: Possum Trot
  • Louisiana: Cut Off
  • Maine: Bald Head
  • Maryland: Boring
  • Massachusetts: Satans Kingdom
  • Michigan: Paw Paw
  • Minnesota: Nimrod
  • Mississippi: Buckatunna
  • Missouri: Tightwad
  • Montana: Hungry Joe
  • Nebraska: Wahoo
  • Nevada: Shantytown
  • New Hampshire: Dummer
  • New Jersey: Cheesequake
  • New Mexico: Pie Town
  • New York: Butternuts
  • North Carolina: Whynot
  • North Dakota: Zap
  • Ohio: Spunky Puddle
  • Oklahoma: Frogville
  • Oregon: Starvation Heights
  • Pennsylvania: Lickdale
  • Rhode Island: Moosup Valley
  • South Carolina: Wide Awake
  • South Dakota: Plenty Bears
  • Tennessee: Difficult
  • Texas: Ding Dong
  • Utah: Eggnog
  • Vermont: Bread Loaf
  • Virginia: Dragonville
  • Washington: Dollar Corner
  • West Virginia: Booger Hole
  • Wisconsin: Friesland
  • Wyoming: Chugwater